November 13, 2005

The EU iscrazy, according to it's own psychiatrists

I read this in the Telegraph about how the EU treats it's staff today, and was going to do a lengthy pst. Except that Tim Worstall, and the Englishman or the Englishman's Castle got there first.
the commission has resorted to tactics "worthy of the KGB"
No this is not hyperbolic as it sounds, the KGB did really use psychiatry as a pretext for picking up their victims and even had psychiatric prisons for 're-educating' people. It is a good way of getting people out of circulation when you have no legal way of doing so, and making sure that their views are discounted if they ever return. The reasons are not as nasty as the KGB, but in other ways rather more scary.
The practice is alleged to have developed unofficially because the commission's generous employment terms make it all but impossible to dismiss staff. In the past, employees who have had run-ins with the commission, or simply underperformed, have generally had to be persuaded to leave by offers of expensive early retirement packages.

Among those who claims to have been a victim of the new tactic is Jose Sequeira, 58, a Portuguese official who is now taking the commission to court over what he says was a deliberate attempt to sack him using psychiatric tests.
So because of the stupid and unworkable working practices, the same working practices that they want to impose on the result of us, make it impossible to get rid of people they have decide to get around it by slandering their employees rather than admit that it is the system that is at fault. Very socialist, but not very nice. The excuses that they dreamed up as part of the slander where:
  1. verbal hyper-productivity
  2. lack of conceptual content
  3. megalomania and paranoia
  4. an astonishing lack of daily awareness in the world of work
which are all "signals a pathological state." They are also what psychologists call 'transferance' being far more applicable to the structures of the EU rather than Mr Sequeira. And now we come to the reason why they so desperately wanted rid of this long standing diplomat. Was he crazy? Was he incompetent? Was he plain lazy? No none of these, something for worse as far as the EU is concerned. They where worried that he was honest.
Mr Sequeira, a career diplomat first employed by the commission in 1987, claims that his relationship with his superiors soured when they became wrongly convinced that he was planning to blow the whistle on an internal fraud scandal.
And you cannot have somebody honest in the EU.


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